(Technology and Life Long Learning(LLL

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(Technology and Life Long Learning(LLL

(Technology and Life Long Learning(LLL

Technology can make lifelong learning  LLL a reality. Even in different concepts the modern information technology support is becoming the foundation of the efficient and cost-effective lifelong learning.

The e-learning technology is becoming progressively sophisticated, which has several positive effects, though on the other hand the complex technology makes some learners feel uncomfortable. Innovations in e-learning information systems should take special care of this effect when dealing with "lifelong learners", since the level of the information literacy in this group varies a lot. A good example of the technology innovation is personalization which makes e-learning systems friendlier and diminishes the well-known technology barrier.

Many institutes around the world Containment the online training with special section to convoy the new evolution in e-leaning, and also to reach to places around the world.

The major challenge is how those learners from poor countries can get benefits from these programs knowing that there is a percentage of world population has no internet connections not to mention food and water.


Eng.Mustafa Mohammed

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