•   Coach.

  •   Adviser.

  •   Membership:

  •   Authorized agent: He is entitled to adopt accredited centers within a geographical area agreed upon in the contract.

  •   Authorized Center: It is entitled to use the logo and to issue certificates on its general programs or specific programs.

  •   Credits:

  •   Short course: from one day to 29 days.

  •   Professional program: A certificate is issued that gives the trainee a professional title (certified trainer, trainer, etc.) and this assumes that the training     should not be less than 7 days.

  •  A training program: a program prepared from more than a training course to the degree of diploma and issued a certificate of the name of the training program: such as (International License for ...)

  • Vocational Diploma: A semi-academic vocational program offered in a minimum of two semesters.

  • Training:

  • Short Courses.

  • Professional software.

  • Training programs.

  • Diplomas

  • English Language Programs

  • Computer Programs

  • Consulting:

       a- Self-route counseling:

      B- Organizational Development Consulting

      T-  Training Consultancy: Through the provision of specialized consultancy in the planning and management of training and measuring the return on it.

      W- Leadership development consulting:

  1.     Curricula and training bags

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From the heart of the British capital we started, from London OATC is Professional Corporation concerned with designing, preparing and implementing training programs. OATC was founded in London to participate in the development of human Resources, as we believe in the efficiency of the human being and his ability to overcome his problems to build his future.  
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