•   Coach.

  •   Adviser.

  •   Membership:

  •   Authorized agent: He is entitled to adopt accredited centers within a geographical area agreed upon in the contract.

  •   Authorized Center: It is entitled to use the logo and to issue certificates on its general programs or specific programs.

  •   Credits:

  •   Short course: from one day to 29 days.

  •   Professional program: A certificate is issued that gives the trainee a professional title (certified trainer, trainer, etc.) and this assumes that the training     should not be less than 7 days.

  •  A training program: a program prepared from more than a training course to the degree of diploma and issued a certificate of the name of the training program: such as (International License for ...)

  • Vocational Diploma: A semi-academic vocational program offered in a minimum of two semesters.

  • Training:

  • Short Courses.

  • Professional software.

  • Training programs.

  • Diplomas

  • English Language Programs

  • Computer Programs

  • Consulting:

       a- Self-route counseling:

      B- Organizational Development Consulting

      T-  Training Consultancy: Through the provision of specialized consultancy in the planning and management of training and measuring the return on it.

      W- Leadership development consulting:

  1.     Curricula and training bags

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