After registration:

A message arrives to the coach's email stating that the membership application has been accepted in principle and to complete the membership application please provide the following requirements:


- A copy of the university qualification or at least post-secondary academic diploma.

- A copy of the certificate of the trainer from a recognized and leading authority in this field.

- Have a national card, passport or other official document.

- The membership fees shown on the site should be paid at the time of submission.

- To provide an integrated training package that depends on training  Show him the same email


Features of the Oxford Academy:

- The trainer receives a trainer's card from the Oxford Academy.

- The member is given a special page on the site of the Academy administered by himself through the membership number.

- The trainer has the right to refer to the membership of the Academy in all his announcements and programs and in his autobiography.

- The trainer has the right to publish his ads on the Academy website through his personal page.

- The instructor is entitled to issue certificates from the Academy for its programs above level C.

- The instructor can enter the data of the certificates of participants to the site itself.

- After receiving the membership, the trainer will receive a discount of 10% of the price of the certificates for the courses and 20% of the diplomas

- Applicants can apply for training through the Acoustic Hall of the Academy for each party

- Membership is promoted to higher levels without fees to active trainers

- If the coach reaches stage AB or A is entitled to receive applications for membership of the Academy by.


Conditions for the trainer to obtain a certificate for one of his programs from the Academy

- The membership of the coach is not yet valid.

- The course that he trains in his specialization or practitioner.

- The person who trains with them is authorized if the course is with another party

- The academy or its agent feel the program before starting it.

- To send a list of the names of the participants at the beginning and end of each session (attendance and departure).

- The participant must sign the English name before sending it to take responsibility.