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Name: Suzan Hameed Majeed

BA: English Language from Karbala University

Born: 2/8/1985

Address: Karbala, Al baladyah Neighborhood, Near Chamber of Commerce

phone: 07716498035

Email: suzanhameed1@gmail

Current Work: Manager of Al-Riyadah company for Human Development

Tasks and duties:

•Preparing the strategic plan and the implementing plan

•control of tasks and duties of staff

•organize meetings and developing relationships with employers and stakeholder.

•Supervising the implementation of activities.

 Supervising the implementation of the activities in the centers of the company(Language Center - Training Center - Women Development Center - Administrative Development Center).

Previous Work: Director of Training and Development center at the Arab Forum for Human Development

Tasks and duties:

•Coordinate and organize activities (conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings) face to face and across the Internet.

•Develop the operational plan for activities.

•Holding meetings and developing relationships with stakeholders.

•Create a database for participants in activities.

 Organizing the financial balance of the department.

Additional experiences :

 Volunteer in the United Nations Development Program for two years 2016-2017

Skills :

•Good language skills in English

•Skills of diction and presentation

• trainer of life skills

About me:

Since my first career with human development at Arab forum for human development ant throughout 15 years of experience in this feld working for different projects at different well known organizations and companies , I still have the felling of urge to traverse new experiences in development field, I feel having both trust and ability to provide consultations to international / national organizations and institutions working basically on humanitarian and development support along with the sense of need to learn something new……